zcadoc at Launchpad

Baiju's book is now available in a branch of the Launchpad zcadoc project

There's also a zcadoc team. I don't yet understand just how these elements work together.

I did a bit of branding for each.

The photo for zcadoc is one of my favorites, at least one friend saw it the way I intended; I walked the field collecting as many different seed heads as I could find, the photo means to explain *these are the grasses in this field*

For some reason I have this belief that there is considerable untapped potential in using images for explanations.

I'm not sure how well the large one for the team works, it is a photo of a team in action. Again the field, this time Kathy, Scott and Shunka the dog working together to roll a hay bale.

The 64 and 14 pixel images are of keyboard keys spelling out zcadoc crossword style. I have high hopes for it, it has lots of potential for monkeying with a larger version; embedding images into the blank keys etc. I also thought it might scale down to 14x14, staying recognizable due to the simple geometry and color.

Again *We'll See*

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