Global collaboration

I gave the URL of this blog to a new friend, I might get a visitor!

... gotta tidy up, sweep the stairs, check the buckets* (we don't get too many folks coming 'round these parts)

I'm quite excited about the circumstances which might bring Baiju here.
(see "For surely there is an end ..." in "Recommended")

I've been wanting to learn how to use Zope 3, and Baiju is a Z3 developer who wrote an Z3 article which is becoming a book. I am doing a bit of editing for Baiju. My daughter is in school, and is teaching me the advantage of taking notes while reading, marking up the book. I am very grateful for the opportunity for my studying / note taking to benefit someone else.

Baiju's deep understanding of a powerful tool is something I want.

The fact that I've lived my life in an English speaking country gives me something to offer Baiju.



* more on the buckets later

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Buster Billy said...

Heya Kent! Glad to come by your blog via http://planetpython.org . :-D

What kind of dog is that pushing the hay bale? We just got a Springer Spaniel puppy and it looked a bit familiar.

Looking forward to meeting up with you at PyCon 2008!