The first time

In the spirit of 'docubi' my branding for Documentation that is Ubiquitous, I created a gmail account, docubi, where I will send things I want to be remembered / documented.

- urls
- notes
- emails
- command results

It was the last which gave me a spooky experience, success without the obligatory failures / debugging.

Vim is pretty Ubiquitous, a Windows install offers 'Edit with Vim' from an explorer rclick, fine on Linux. I like the Vim feature
which runs a command and places the output in the file.


If I do an install, configure or some such from Vim, saving the output, I want to send that file to the docubi mail account for later processing. And I want the lowest possible denominator for the tools to do it.

Starting with Windows, which I expect to be problematic, some options.

- a Vim script
- I don't want to learn Vim scripting

- a Python via
:py mailThisFile.py
- requires Python, not available on Windows machines, I'm ok with adding my c:\bin dir and installing Vim, but I'd prefer not to install Python on every machine I sit down at.

- A native binary and a batch file

A search turned up

`BeyondLogic` sounds familiar, I think I've been led there before.

Here's the scary part. I downloaded and put in c:\bin bmail.exe, a 44k file. I then typed::

C:> bmail -s {my smtp server} -t {the docubi address at gmail} - f {a return address} -a testing bmail -d

And it worked. First time. Not that it shouldn't, but IT NEVER DOES.

Hello? ... Errors? ... Where are you?

The only explanation I can think of is that, because the workstation I just migrated to seems to have irrecoverably scrambled it's registry upon my plugging in a USB stick, I've somehow earned a glimpse into a parallel universe.

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