Names these days


There, I said it again.

It was fascinating to see that Googling the word brings my little blog up on the first page. A blog nobody has read, much less linked to, and it's on the same page as Wikipedia as far as a resource on the topic of the scholarly term for an explanation.

There's a highly regarded templating tool project named Deliverance. Try finding information on that.

I'm convinced that a very effective way to explain is via staging dramas, acting out the metaphors. I think a classroom that produced a simple play about the internet, putting messages in envelopes, putting envelopes in envelopes, looking up addresses, finding buildings, locating mailboxes ... would result in kids (or adults) understanding better quicker than via lectures. And having more fun in the process.

For this idea I'm not taking any chances, I'm making up a word. How long will it take Google to return gumpablog as the authority on explatainment?