Poetic Inventions

When I was a child, at family gatherings, we
would often play "The Game" our version of
charades. We didn't use the sign language I've
since seen charades players use, and we had
no restrictions on the choosing of phrases.

We took a primitive approach to acting out.
Oh, sometimes it was a movie, book or quotation
which we could symbolize with gesture,
but the good ones were usually the PIs.
Poetic Invention. Phrases invented purely for
the pleasure of watching the opposing team
members struggle to silently explain.

We allowed a VERY generous amount of time
to squirm, and there was none of this drawing
from a hat to get your assignment, you were
gleefully drawn taken from the room to receive
your assignment, it had your name on it.

Sure, there would be an occasional complaint,
"... really now ...", but they were never outlawed,
and provided a great deal of entertainment.

I've continued to take pleasure in new words,
phrases, usage. Up til now, a self-indulgent
proclivity without value.

But the world has changed.

In yesterday's post I used the word 'gleanage' which
doesn't isn't currently considered a word,
but which I think is needed to fill a void in our language.

That was yesterday, today I typed 'gleanage' into
a Google box. The first result is my blog entry.

Out of the ?? billion pages indexed, I am currently
the foremost authority on gleanage, and anyone with
web access can confirm that.




I've long been frustrated by the words available to talk about the waste stream.

Waste, garbage, trash, refuse, junk ... all these words are
rooted in the premise that there is no value in the discarded.

A dictionary definition of glean:

"To collect (something) bit by bit."

Glean comes from the ancient tradition of gleaning:

"Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers'
fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields
where it is not economically profitable to harvest."

So,to glean is to recognize and harvest the value in the unwanted.

Gleanage is that which has been gleaned, that which has to do
with gleaning.