Where should I put this stuff?

I just figured out a couple tedious little niggles: Why doesn't my samba mount line in /etc/fstab work in 12.10 like it did in 12.04? Why isn't git responding correctly to entries in .gitignore?

They both are annoying to track down, and I won't need either one again for a long time. They are arbitrary bits, don't fit into a visualized construct which would aid memory, so I need to store them outside my little head.

How can I minimize the effort required to retrieve the bits next time they are required?

"Don't bother, that's what google is for" I hear.

Well, it took a good 15 minutes of googling and testing to resolve, it could easily take longer next time ... boring ... and, exactly this problem is one I'm most interested in addressing.

Things I've tried:

- my 'docubi' gmail account using plus addressing: docubi+git at ...
- A Leo node
- bookmarking (doesn't work here, it took trials and errors on top of found info)
- Zotero: powerful, can create local copy of info page, associate notes or files
- Stackoverflow

and many others over the years.

How best to combine ease of entry and retrieval with  stability and flexibility?

I think using this here blog dealy is a step in the right direction, got your googleability, ownership with shareability, API for eventual automation of CRUD ...

So, as is my habit, next step is branding for differentiation. (try searching for info on the 'Processing' language, 'Go' makes a bit of sense given the convention of 'golang' but ... puh-leeze)

So, what cutesy invention is called for?
SAQ: Seldom Asked Questions (frequent ones are the ones I need to commit to memory) about 9,710,000 results
INFRAQ: INFRequently Asked Questions: about 40,000 hits
RARAQ: RARely Asked Questions: about 7.950 results

eight thousand results can be rounded to 0

google images RARAQ: about 1,480 mostly people, a guitar, anim, a white mouse that doesn't appear until the blank thumbnail is clicked ...

raraq dot com not registered ... resist ... urge ... to ... squat ...

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