Better if used before

I've long been a fan of the `Better if Used Before` movement. A sustainable future clearly will require rethinking our relationship to reuse, repair, restore, repurpose, and, if all else fails, recycle. The Better if Used Before folks have been around for a long time. They do a great job of getting their message out, the tagline can be seen on lots of packaging. They understand the value of timestamping, along with the slogan will be a date.

As pervasive as their PR effort is, they keep a very low profile otherwise. All that Google seems to know is the work of an artist, looks wonderful, but it seems unlikely she's to thank for all the boxes proudly declaring 'Better if Used Before'

They evidently are deeply old school, however I think their mission is of such importance that it needs to leverage the advantages of the Web.

I hope to act on that thought.

BIUB has spawned many Web-based initiatives; Make, Instructables, Hackaday, etc., it's time they dipped a toe in the waters of the cloud.

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