Dependencies question

I want to check out Inkscape's `import from openclipart.org` capability.

A bit of searching reveals the requirement for gnome-vfs

$ apt-cache search gnome-vfs

This returns a long list, I guess at

$ sudo apt-get install libgnome-vfs-dev

guessing correctly that the dev package will bring in libgnome-vfs-common

$ ./configure | less

dang, `Use gnome-vfs: no

I need to install more packages. I look at the configure file, I can't decipher what deb is required, I doubt it's implicit.

So, as many times in the past, I install likely looking packages until I get in ./configure::

Use gnome-vfs: yes

It turned out to require::

$ sudo apt-get install libgnome-vfsmm-2.6-dev

I would like to document this, but at this point I'm not sure whether

$ sudo apt-get install libgnome-vfs-dev libgnome-vfsmm-2.6-dev

is adequate, or if another package I guessed at was required. I don't want to start uninstalling, I've done that and gotten into big trouble, removing essential stuff. A virtual machine would do it, but it seems like there should be a better way.

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